Monday, March 23, 2009

New Nick Blog 3/23

posted 1:54pm on Mon Mar 23rd, 2009
hey everybody. i hope this blog finds everyone healthy and happy.

things have been busy for me lately! i've been continuing to do radio

concerts around the country. i was just in mexico last week with mix

from chicago and did an acoustic set with natasha bedingfield. it was

a lot of fun, i've always been a big fan of hers, but i have to say

that she sounded better than ever. she's also on of the nicest people

i know in this business. i also have to admit that people from

chicago really know how to celebrate st. patrick' s day! it was a

good time. i'm gonna be in napa valley doing another radio

promotional concert on april 5th. if any of you have the chance to

win a trip up there to see it, you should try, it's gonna be a lot of


i want to thank all of you who have continued to request "patience"

on your local radio stations. i need you all to do something else

for me. i need you to tell everyone you know to check out "taking the

stage" on mtv thursday nights at 10pm. i don't know how many of you

saw the show this past week, but i was really proud of how it came

out. the kids on it are incredibly talented! the tv business is a

very ratings driven business and i need as many people as possible to

watch, so spread the word!

thanks guys! i'll talk to you again soon and have more info on the

album and appearances i'll be doing this spring. until then, take care!