Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nick Lachey is 'Taking the Stage' on MTV


Leather_jacket Nick Lachey is a busy man these days. His new single Patience is out now. He recently filmed an appearance on an upcoming episode of the CW drama One Tree Hill. And he's going back to high school — literally — for the new MTV reality series Taking the Stage, which premieres tonight at 10 p.m. ET. The series, conceptualized by Lachey, follows five high schoolers attending the School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA) in Cincinnati, Ohio — alma mater of both Lachey and his brother (and former 98 Degrees bandmate), Drew, as well as Sarah Jessica Parker and Carmen Electra. The 10-episode series is a combination of high school drama, singing and dancing, according to our Reyhaneh Fathieh. She describes it as The Hills meets American Idol meets America’s Best Dance Crew. Nick Lachey took time out of his increasingly hectic schedule to chat with Reyhaneh about the new show, so click read more for her report.

Photo by Olaf Heine

Tony Romo, Jessica Simpson's current beau, isn't Lachey's pick for the best quarterback in the NFL. Instead, the singer — Simpson's ex-husband and A-list sports fanatic — gives that award to the Colts' starting QB, Peyton Manning. Lachey actually had football ambitions of his own back in the day, but admits he had “no clue what [he] was doing” as a walk-on at tailback for the University of Southern California.

His most recent position, though, is that of executive producer for Taking the Stage, starring a host of talented youngsters from his Ohio high school. But, since SCPA is no jock school, Lachey says his football obsession almost prevented him from enrolling and pursuing music all together. “There were no sports at the school, and I had every intention of playing football. But my brother auditioned for the performing arts school, and my family was making a big to-do about how he was going to be a star. Honestly, it was pure jealousy that made me want to audition for the school myself and prove that I’m talented, too."

The former boy-band member’s efforts to prove himself as an artist continue with his next solo album, Coming Up for Air, out in May. Lachey, now a 35-year-old divorcee, says the new music reflects his own maturity. “I’m in the 'I guess it’s time to grow up' phase. I’d like to see a family and kids happen sooner than later,” he says. If you’re betting on Lachey’s future children’s hair color, put your money down on brunette. “I’ve covered both [blonde and brunette],” says Lachey, who was married to famous blonde Simpson and is now dating a beautiful brunette, Vanessa Minnillo. “I’m more of a brunette guy, to be honest with you. It’s right up my alley.”

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