Wednesday, March 11, 2009




A very casual Nick Lachey was spotted checking in at the Delta ticket counter before getting on a flight out of Los Angeles today (March 10).

The adult contemporary crooner is heading back to reality TV, this time though as executive producer of Taking the Stage, an MTV series premiering on March 19 that documents the lives of high school students at the star’s alma mater, Cincinnati’s School for Creative & Performing Arts.

With his new CD, Coming Up for Air, dropping in May, Nick opens up in the upcoming issue of Life & Style about his personal life and career.

Some highlights:

Nick on being affected by the recession: “I don’t think you can expect to make money anymore in the music industry. You do it because you love to do it. I love to sing; I have no expectations on a business level. You put your best foot forward and be proud. The record business has been on a downward spiral for a long time.”

Nick on being asked about his personal life: “It’s human nature to get fed up when something is just beaten into the ground all of the time, but I’d be na├»ve if I didn’t understand why people are interested. So I take it all with a grain of salt. I’m blessed and flattered that people are interested. Some things are too personal, some things I’ll share, some things I won’t.”

Nick on the biggest lesson he’s learned in show business: “I tell people all of the time, the biggest thing is don’t take no for answer. In 98 Degrees we were trying to get a record deal or just an answer or response with our first album. If we took no for answer, we would have packed it in immediately. But we didn’t. You can’t let it discourage you. It’s a demoralizing industry to your psyche, but you have to believe in your training.”