Tuesday, March 17, 2009

From the One Tree Hill Blog

If you look back on this blog, you will find pictures from these girls. I found this finally while i was surfing in the late hours of insomnia! lol..Anyways. I'm glad i found this blog cause I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE One Tree Hill fan & I am so happy that Nick is going to appear. Note: they do say Nick's fake tan...but considering he was just in what the Bahamas? If I am right not to long ago. I'm figuring its real. The lucky dude! lol..
Anyways, Enough of my babble on to the Blog!!

Filming Report 3/13

Watching filming at TRIC today was rough. It was FREEZING today and nothing was happening outside. We got there about 9:30. and stayed on and off until about 6, breaking for lunch and afternoon ice cream at Kilwin’s which led to an impromptu visit to the River Court and….meeting with Mark Schwahn!! More on that later though.

As for filming, I have almost no information. Everyone was in their reception clothes again and the extras were back. One other small thing Heather and I noticed were a handful of lilies being carried from set to a car that we assumed was the florist since we saw a bucket of lilies in the trunk (wow, that sounds so stalkerish). I can only assume they were for decoration but seeing the history of the lily on the show, I thought it was cool. I did ask Kate if she sang today and she said yes but didn’t want to give anything else away.

Oh one more little bit of information I heard was the some people ran into Chad and Kenzie eating at the Brewery today and they were extremely nice and Chad talked to them for about 20 minutes. I also heard things going back and forth that maybe Chad and Hilarie WERE filming today but we left before the crew was all packed up and I also heard earlier than Chad, Hil, James and Joy weren’t filming at TRIC. So who knows on that end.

Kate Voegele came over after she was done and did a ton of autographs, pictures and even video. She was super sweet and even told me my jacket was pretty :). While Heather and I were at lunch at Reel Cafe we were told Stephen and Allison (who is Lauren, Jamie’s teacher) came over to greet fans. We also saw Austin, Sophia, Jackson, Cullen, Vaughn and Antwon during the day. Sophia and Jackson’s little brother had the cutest moment when he ran up to her and jumped in her arms. You can see her carrying him in some of the pictures. Jackson and his brother were also cute playing with one of the crew members, trying to step on his feet. Oh and also very cute was Jackson had his picture taken with Austin by his mom/aunt (not sure which).

Just for the record, Austin, if you read this, we were DYING to get a picture with you. So sad you left with only a wave to the crowd :(. But you’re still cute so we forgive you :)

And let me interject here that Nick Lachey is HOT. We loved one fans comment: “His fake tan is delicious.” Actually that smile is delicious! Well, to be brutally honest, the entire cast is drop dead gorgeous. Everyone is even skinnier, smaller and more gorgeous than they look on TV! We’ve of course seen them before but seeing almost the entire cast in one trip and all dressed up was a little much for my inner fangirl.

Meeting Mark

You guys know I was dying to meet Mark…it was on “the list” when we left. Heather and I decide to get some ice cream this afternoon at Kilwin’s. We’re sitting on Market in my car facing across to the RiverCourt and notice a white van. It doesn’t appear there is filming but it definitely meant something was up.

When we got there, there was a group of 5 or 6 people with some sort of lens/camera looking out over the RiverCourt and downtown Wilmington. And THEN a white van pulls up and out steps Mark. OMG. We do a little fangirl scream b/c omg, we were the only fans there and there stands MARK who we’ve been dying to see. So random!

He joins the group and they work on whatever scene they were working on. They walk down to the water line and face Market street and point and talk and do whatever they do. My gut said it was some sort of scene for the finale since we know Mark is directing. So Heather and I have squated on the picnic bench there and when they move to go back towards the parking lot, we call him over and say we want a picture when he is done. He says he can do it right then. We tell him we’ve been wanting to get his picture the whole trip. We mention we run this site and he thanks us for our work. We tell him thanks for all their work on the show that we love it. And then Heather and I go scream in the car. LOL. Yes, we turn into fangirls when we arrive in Wilmington.

We love you, Mark :)


(Heather, Mark and Amy)

That one turned out so well and it’s one I wanted so much I had to post here! More pictures are being uploaded here.