Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One Tree Hill fans meet in Wilmington


(Im GOING 2 keep checking this blog for updates & pics!! i love One Tree Hill, so I will be on it!!)

One Tree Hill fans meet in Wilmington: To some, One Tree Hill is just a fictional place on TV. But to others - perhaps the die hard fans - the places seen on the CW’s show are real. Fans who created the site OneTreeHillBlog.com made the trip to Wilmington to find the real locations for the sets of their favorite TV show – and they met some stars along their journey.

Amy and Heather, fans who created a blog dedicated to the show, planned a trip Thursday through Saturday to tour the studio and other locations where One Tree Hill is filmed. They also found where the show was being filmed Thursday. Here’s an excerpt from their blog:

“Wow! What a crazy 12 hours. Heather and I left early when we heard they were filming at TRIC and Nick Lachey was there. We were there right after 4 although most people had been there since 7am! However, we got pretty lucky. We got pictures with Nick Lachey, Allison/Lauren (Jamie’s teacher), Hilarie, Chad, James, Lee, Antwon, Vaughn and Kate Voegele. We also saw Sophia and Joy, and they briefly came over but had already taken pictures earlier in the day.”