Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Excert from the OTH blog


Wow! What a crazy 12 hours. Heather and I left early when we heard they were filming at TRIC and Nick Lachey was there. We were there right after 4 although most people had been there since 7am! However, we got pretty lucky. We got pictures with Nick Lachey, Allison/Lauren (Jamie’s teacher), Hilarie, Chad, James, Lee, Antwon, Vaughn and Kate Voegele. We also saw Sophia and Joy and they briefly came over but had already taken pictures earlier in the day. Lisa was also there but we just saw her walking back and forth and she had been out to take pictures earlier. I also saw Cullen. I saw some pictures of fans with Austin but I didn’t see him :(. Oh and also Missy(?)/Brooke. So what a day!!!

As for filming info:

  • I was told they were filming Lucas and Peyton’s wedding reception.
  • There was a white stretch limo parked out front.
  • All the guy were in suits.
  • James’ tux had a white rose
  • There were lots of extras. Everyone was dressed up in suits/summer dresses.
  • We didn’t see any scenes filmed since it was at TRIC except for one. Nathan is standing outside of TRIC in a bay area and looks like he’s thinking about something, maybe upset and then Mouth comes up and talks to him and then walks away again. Not really interesting I guess but it’s the only one we saw.
  • I was told Chad had a ring on.
  • I was told Austin had a black eye.
  • Oddly missing from the reception was Sam, Dan and Deb

As for the fans, we got to meet a few people which was really a lot of fun. Since filming was taking place, Heather and I decided to stick it out at TRIC and skipped the dinner. I heard of two different groups going there but not finding one another. For anyone in Wilmy, we’re thinking of going out tomorrow night so email/text me.

Some pictures are up but I have lots more to add. Will do more tomorrow…it’s after 2 and we have to be up for more filming at TRIC tomorrow.

Oh yeah, I heard Jamie fell down the stairs at TRIC and had a bump on his head and had to leave :(. Poor guy, get better!