Monday, November 6, 2017

Can Nick Lachey Win Dancing with the Stars? 98 Degrees Bandmate Jeff Timmons Thinks So!


When you think of ’90s boybands, you think of soulful harmonies accompanied by choreographed moves.

But 98 Degrees member Jeff Timmons tells PEOPLE that the band didn’t do as much as you think. “We didn’t even do choreography with 98 Degrees,” he says with a laugh. “Well, I mean, we called it ‘strategic staging.’ Basically pointing and swaying. The feet are not that involved in what we do. There was no dancing. We scoff at dancing!”
But their “strategic staging” hasn’t prevented two of the four band members from competing on Dancing with the StarsNick Lachey is a frontrunner on this season. (His brother, Drew Lachey, took home the prize for Season 2.)
What does Timmons think about watching his bandmates compete on stage? “It’s a lot of fun to watch,” he says. “I literally had popcorn when watching Nick,” says Timmons.
“I think he’ll do really well,” Timmons continues. “I want him to win! The better he does, the better it makes our group look. It raises our stock. If he wins, that’ll be two members of our group with the mirror ball trophy. No other group can say that.”
So if DWTS came calling, would Timmons, 44, follow in his bandmate’s footsteps? “Absolutely,” he says. “But I’d ruin our average by being booted off first.”
(Editor’s note: Don’t let Timmons fool you with his false modesty. He created a Vegas male revue, Men of the Strip. Not only does he select the dancers, but he has performed a few times himself. If there’s one thing those guys know how to do, it’s dance.)
98 Degrees is currently getting ready to return to the stage for a tour to support their upcoming second Christmas album, Let It Snow.

Timmons says that the group — which recently celebrated its 20 year anniversary — is ready to get back on the road together. “We’re all looking forward to it,” he says. “It’s fun to be together, and we have our own stuff going on, too. But no matter what, we support each other 100 percent in everything we do.”