Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Nick & Drew Lachey Talk 'Dancing With The Stars' & How Nick Overcame His Fear of the Show


Drew Lachey and Nick Lachey during Noel Ashman Throws Party for Joey McIntyre Celebrating the Release of His New Album "Talk to Me" and "Dancing with the Stars" Tour at The Plumm on Jan. 31, 2007 at The Plumm in New York City.

"I'm proud of him for kind of going out there and putting himself out there, exposing himself," says Drew, who won the show's second season.

Drew Lachey may be the younger sibling (and 98 Degrees bandmate) to Nick Lachey, but he's been able to hold something over his brother's head for more than 11 years now: the coveted Dancing With the Stars mirror ball. Now with Nick and his wife, Vanessa, competing on the show's 25th season, there's a decent chance that two mirror balls could soon be in the Lachey family. 
As the season 2 winner in February 2006, temporary co-host in season 5 and a competitor in the All-Stars season (season 15), Drew is familiar with DWTS' ins and outs. So, when it came time for his brother to compete, did he offer any advice? Of course not -- but it's not necessarily because he doesn't want Nick to win.

"I try not to give advice," Drew explains to Billboard. "I just don't think giving advice is helpful to anybody except for the person giving the advice. You know so I feel like everybody has their own journey and their own process that they need to go through to get where they're supposed to get." 
Nick echoed the sentiment, especially because they have different pro-dancer partners. "The experience he had with Cheryl [Burke] is probably very different from the experience I'm having with Peta [Murgatroyd]," he says. But Drew did give Nick a little tidbit from the eyes of someone who made it to the end: "If you're lucky enough to be in it, it's a long road, so pace yourself." 
"I was trying to be conscious of being supportive for him at the same time, preachy," Drew adds.
And supportive he's been: Drew attends every live show he can and, if the father of two can't make it out, he and his family watch at home. "They root for Uncle Nick and Aunt Vanessa," he laughs, "and they get really upset if they have to go to bed before one of them goes. We have to YouTube it the next day."
Drew has also tried to shy away from showing any favoritism between Nick and Vanessa, who are both still in the running as of Monday's (Oct. 23) week 6 show, by tweeting equally and offering support for both ("I'll let them deal with that inner dynamic," he jokes). Above all, Drew is just happy to see his brother having a great time with it.
"Dancing With the Stars is always something that scared him," he says of Nick. "Dancing is not his go-to. For him to put himself out there and go and do something that challenges him and you know frankly frightened him a little bit, I'm proud of him for kind of going out there and putting himself out there, exposing himself."
More over, Nick says it's all about effort -- something he knows he's not lacking. "As long as I walk away from this experience knowing I gave it everything I had, then I can be proud of it no matter what the result is."
If Nick does make it as far as his brother, there's a chance the show could run into the beginning of 98 Degrees' holiday tour, which kicks off Nov. 9 in Minneapolis. While that will create quite the busy fall for Nick, he admits that learning to foxtrot and tango amidst tour rehearsals probably isn't such a bad thing -- and, frankly, it could result in an iconic moment for 98 Degrees fans.
"Maybe Drew and I will have a little Dancing With the Stars dance-off or something," he says with a laugh. "I'm not sure that's a battle I can win, but you know."
"There might be a dance break or two in there," Drew adds. "You never know. You have to come check it out!"
Dancing With The Stars airs every Monday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. For more information on 98 Degrees' tour, check out their official website.