Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Michael Symon’s Use Of Duck Fat Leaves Nick Lachey Totally Confused


In what was surely a pre-taped Rachael Ray Show segment (lest we lose two great minds of our generation in a Nor’eastercane), Ohio natives Michael Symon and Nick Lachey duked it out over the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals this morning. More like Snore-eastercane, ARE WE RIGHT?

But they made nice over how they both root for the Buckeyes as proud Ohioans, and we moved on to game-day tailgating food. Michael Symon brought along a chicken wing recipe to demo, and it became clear throughout the course of the segment that Jessica “Chicken of the Sea” Simpson was not necessarily the dumb one in the great Simpson/Lachey coupling of the early 2000s.
“In what?” Nick asked when Michael revealed his frying fat of choice for super tasty wings. “I didn’t know there was such a thing as duck fat. Where do you find duck fat from?”
“A duck, typically,” Michael deadpanned. “No, you find it from a cow. A magic cow.”
Browns: 2, Bengals: 0.
Later, Nick reveals that he can’t pronounce Sriracha.
“It’s okay, just say ‘spicy,’” Michael soothed.
Bengals: -1. Check out the two clips below.