Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jeff Timmons Goes 'On Air with Robert & CC' at PBR Rock Bar in Las Vegas


Christina "CC" Christensen, Jeff Timmons, Robert Blasi and Ken Logan
The official high last Friday was '99 degrees' when Jeff Timmons went On Air with Robert & CC at PBR Rock Bar but that didn’t stop the 98 Degrees founding member to stop by to talk about his new show, WIRED which starts June 29 at Green Valley Ranch (Pictured above: Christina "CC" Christensen, Jeff Timmons, Robert Blasi and Ken Logan - Photo credit: Aaron Garcia). 
Christina "CC" Christensen, Jeff Timmons, Robert Blasi and Ken Logan
Photo credit: Aaron Garcia.
Jeff shared with listeners to be on the look out for his new book which will highlight all of his road tour experiences and also stated to not be shocked if 98 degrees launches another tour run. At one point Robert tried to point blame at Nick Lachey for canceling the 2012 tour in the final hour. Jeff quickly killed that speculation when he said it wasn’t right for everyone at the time.
Jeff Timmons is "On Air with Robert & CC" at PBR Rock Bar in Las VegasPhoto credit: Aaron Garcia.
For those of you wondering how the name 98 degrees came about Jeff gave Hook Jaw Net Radio listeners an exclusive answer. “The standard interview answer that we gave in all of our interviews was that we wanted a name that was hot just like our music and passion but the truth is our manager at the time had a really hot girlfriend from New York and she suggested the name so we’re like….SOLD….we started this group to meet girls, a girl named our group and that’s the true story” said Jeff Timmons.
Ken Logan, the music director for Wired, also attended the interview and posed for photos with Robert & CC\
.Co-host Christina "CC" Christensen with Ken Logan and Jeff Timmons
Photo credit: Aaron Garcia.
These exclusive responses are something to expect from Robert & CC’s show and something else that remains constant is the homework they put into the guests. Jeff Timmons really said it best “You guys really do your research!” Jeff stayed to play Flip Cup with Robert & CC and even joined the party inside PBR RockBar while mingling with fans.
You can listen to this interview at and visit Jeff Timmons' web site at
On Air with Robert & CC is a weekly program that broadcasts live from PBR Rock Bar & Grill with high profile guest interviews every Friday. 'On Air with Robert & CC' is hosted by Robert Blasi and Christina "CC" Christensen.
Jeff Timmons (center) with co-hosts Christina "CC" Christensen and Robert Blasi
Jeff Timmons outside PBR Rock Bar & Grill at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas
Christina "CC" Christensen and Jeff Timmons
Jeff Timmons and Robert Blasi