Monday, June 25, 2012

98 Degrees Reunion Summer! (VIDEO)

98 Degrees Reunion Summer! (VIDEO)

98 Degrees guys are finally getting back together!
After a few Twitter-based rumors this spring that left the door open for a long-awaited runion, Nick Lachey and brother Drew told Ryan Seacrest that they’ll perform together – for only one night – at the Summer Mixtape Fest! The event is happening on August 18 at Hershey, PA.
98 Degrees will join headliners Kelly Clarkson, New Kids on the Block, Carly Rae Jepsen, DJ Pauly D, and more!
As far as a full-blown reunion goes, the Lachey brothers put things in perspective for the fans… “Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better for your ego than standing up on stage and having thousands of girls screaming for you. It does become kind of addictive and we always had a blast touring together and making music together, but we are four grown men now.”
They also added that each one of them remains “open” to a reunion, and that they’ve “missed” performing together over the years.
Alright PopStop nation, you know what that means! Make It Pop or make it stop for a full-blown 98 Degreesreunion?


tawsr said...

it's definitely not enough that they only sing 1 live.