Sunday, May 15, 2011

Former 98 Degrees Member Makes Sexy Chippendales Debut


Jeff Timmons, the former 98 degrees singer made his debut at Chippendales in Las Vegas. Chippendales is best known for its male erotic dancing and striptease performances. The news of Timmons joining Chippendales came as a shock for some when it was announced back in April. Timmons was not the most well-known member of the group, overshadowed by Nick and Drew Lachey. So it is understandable that the singer would join Chippendales once the checks stopped coming in.

Timmons can be seen stripping his shirt off while the crowd lets out a huge cheer. The crowd is filled with seas upon seas of women screaming for Timmons. Arguably the band's name has not been relevant since the "Thank God I Found You" collaboration with Mariah Carey and Joe. 98 degrees is no longer touring and making records so going to seeing Timmons at Chippendales in Las Vegas may be the next best thing.