Sunday, May 15, 2011

Turning up the heat on a pop star’s Vegas favorites


Calling all boy band groupies! Jeff Timmons, former member of 98 Degrees, is spending one month in Las Vegas guest starring in the sizzling hot show at the Rio, Chippendales. Timmons begins a guest engagement Thurs.-Sun. May 12 through June 5 in the famous male revue where six-packs reign and grown women scream for more. Timmons acts as an emcee and performs some of 98 Degrees’ beloved hits. He recently chatted with Las Vegas Magazine’s Emma Trotter on what he loves about Las Vegas.

Tao. That’s probably my favorite place to eat here.

Rain and Pure, and sometimes I go to Ghostbar, VooDoo Lounge and the Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip.

Chippendales, The Show
The show is a multimillion-dollar production. It’s not that connotation that it’s a strip show and people put dollar bills in—the guys are so talented, they sing, they dance, it’s choreographed.

I’m a night owl and one of the cool parts of Vegas is it never shuts down. There’s always something to do here. I will just hang out and have drinks and conversation, and not really have a whole lot of responsibility. I blow off steam. Gamble a little bit, have some drinks, have some fun, laugh, don’t worry about any of the businesses I’m working on, let my kids have fun at the pool wherever we are at and go shopping.

I’ve seen Blue Man Group, which I thought was incredible. Carrot Top is funny as hell; he’s awesome. I have seen Barry Manilow here. A lot of people don’t know how well the shows are produced here, too.

Great outdoors
A couple of my friends have places in Lake Mead. They have boats, so we go hang out sometimes. Lake Mead is really nice and beautiful.

CityCenter has good shopping at Crystals, and at Tom Ford there. And any Louis Vuitton. The kids and my wife love to shop.

Suite life
I stay at the Palms quite a bit, and Rio and Hard Rock, most of the trendier, younger kind of hip spots. The best suite I ever had was at Bellagio. It was crazy; it was really nice. We presented here for an awards show and they put me in this huge room with a Jacuzzi in the middle, and marble—and I was by myself!