Sunday, March 23, 2014

Jeff Timmons Goes Under The Lie Detector Test: Are You Hotter Than Nick Lachey?

By Brian

98 Degrees and Men of the Strip’s Jeff Timmons dropped by the studio today and talked about upcoming shows in the Tri-state area and warned Ty about giving personal shows… if he were to do one for Corri.

As Ty struggles to find ways to do something special for Corri this weekend (while he attends theBBQ Films event on Nolita), he asks Jeff if he and the gang from Men of the Strip can come over to his place and hold a special performance for Corri and her friends! However, Jeff warns him that it wouldn’t be a great idea since the girls might get wild and loosen up!
On that note, we also put Jeff on the spot with our special lie detector to see if he DOES strip on the show (Unfortunately, for Bryan at least, Jeff was telling the truth!) AND if he thinks he’s hotter than fellow 98 Degrees member, Nick Lachey!
So does he? “Yes!,” said Jeff. But how much hotter? “Way hotter!”

Make sure you get to see Jeff Timmons live in person this weekend in the Tri-state area – from New York to Connecticut!
Tonight he’ll be at Slake in midtown Manhattan performing some of his originals and 98 Degrees classics!
–Intern Allyza, 92.3 NOW