Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tune in to see Christine Bullock give Nick Lachey a workout on VH1′s morning show!

Christine Bullock 

Lachey VH1

I’ll be flying to New York to guest spot this Tuesday, March 4th at 10 am EST/7 am PST on Nick Lachey’s premiere as the host of VH1′s Big Morning Buzz Live. We’ll kick off the morning by showing off a hot fitness craze called rebounding, which—amazing as it sounds—is basically bouncing on a trampoline.
Any workout that makes you feel like a kid is probably going to take the cake for the most fun way to get fit. After all, when you trampolined through the sunny days of your childhood, you had a goofy smile on your face and that was reason enough—you didn’t really care about the health benefits. Luckily though, there are a lot.
One of the biggest ones is how it jumpstarts the lymphatic system, which is filled with a network of vessels that span the length of your body. They carry lymph, a clear liquid that washes out toxins and bathes your cells and tissues with nutrients—you’re body’s natural drainage and filter control.
But there’s no pump for lymph the way your heart pumps blood. Its flow is totally dependent on how you move. When you don’t move, harmful materials start to pool inside you. And because lymph fluid only moves one way—upward to your neck—rebounding is the perfect vertical movement to push it along as opposed to a more horizontal activity like running.
While we’re talking about running, NASA did tests in 1980 that have been backed up by repeated studies: trampolining is 68% more efficient than running. That’s crazy. In other words, you could bounce for 20 mins and get the same level of cardio you would from an hour of running. To this day, trampoline training is still a key part in preparing astronauts and in my own workout routine because it’s so efficient and low impact (your grandpa could have a blast with it).
Dr. Bruce Fife, author of Rebound to a Better Health, calls rebounding “the most efficient and most effective form of exercise yet devised by man […] it strengthens the bones, cartilage, joints, and every organ of the body. The liver, pancreas, kidneys, brain, etc. are all subjected to the increased gravitational force of rebounding and will respond by growing stronger.”
On the show, we’ll be doing fast, low-to-the-ground bounces that get your blood and lymph flowing while also making use of stabilizing muscles, cutting fat, and detoxing. Learn more by tuning in Tuesday when I give Nick a workout!