Sunday, March 23, 2014

Men of the Strip star Jeff Timmons reveals workout and low-carb diet secrets

Samantha Chang

98 Degrees singer Jeff Timmons reveals low-carb diet and workout secrets.

Jeff Timmons, a founding member of the band 98 Degrees, credits a low-carb diet and rigorous four-day-a-week workouts for his rippling physique.
"As I get older, I find it more difficult to stay in shape," Timmons told People Feb. 24. "It's mostly about diet. I watch what I eat: low carb, not a lot of grains. No sugar, except for booze once in a while. I eat lean meat, eggs, fish. I like sweets, so I can't eat any of them."
While Jeff, 40, has always been in great shape, he amped up his fitness regimen to prepare for his own reality TV show, "Men of the Strip," which debuts on E! this summer.
The show chronicles the ups and downs of a male revue ("Men of the Strip") performing in Las Vegas. "Men of the Strip" will begin its Las Vegas residency after the show airs this summer.
Naturally, Timmons is often shirtless in the show, which is why the former teen heartthrob hits the gym extra-hard, doing a combination of cardio exercise, yoga and weight-lifting.
"I work out about four times a week," he said. "I'll do free weights and P90X. I like doing yoga, and I do high-intensity interval training, too."
Jeff also has to shave his body down for the striptease revue. It's a tough job, he joked, but somebody's got to do it. "Sure, I manscape," he laughed. "I shave my chest. I'm too much of a chicken to wax it! I make sure that everything is neatly trimmed."
Timmons became famous as a member of the super-popular 1990s boy band, 98 Degrees, which featured Justin Jeffre, and brothers Nick and Drew Lachey.
The group’s breakthrough album, 98° and Rising, went platinum four times. The band has sold more than 10 million albums worldwide.