Sunday, March 3, 2013

Is Nick Lachey the Best Dad Ever?

By Aaron Rasmussen

Nick Lachey and son Camden

Nick Lachey is releasing a new album with his old group 98 Degrees this May. In the meantime, he's been busy recording A Father's Lullaby, a musical tribute to his five-month-old son, Camden.
The proud papa, who's married to Vanessa Lachey, sings eight classic songs on the album, like "You Are My Sunshine", and he's co-written four original tracks. A Father's Lullaby comes out March 13 on iTunes and Amazon.
Nick admits when Vanessa gave birth to Camden, their lives were turned upside down—in a good way! “Everything changes,” Nick recently told OK!. “Your priorities change, your schedules change, your experiences change in the house, the way the dog acts changes, but it’s all stuff you’re excited to see change. Those are the changes that you want to have in life, so it’s been exciting to go through all of those.”
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