Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vanessa's Dream Wedding Serenade: *NSYNC Over 98 Degrees


LOS ANGELES, Calif. --

Vanessa Minnillo might have a special connection to 98 Degrees – after all, she’s set to wed former 98 Degree’er Nick Lachey — but sorry Nick, it’s not your former band that Vanessa has in mind to serenade her at the wedding.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love me some 98 Degrees boys, but if *NYSNC came back for the wedding reception – wooooo!” she laughed, fanning herself.

“You can’t do that to the man!” Billy Bush joked during Vanessa’s interview on Monday’s Access Hollywood Live.

“Why not? I’m marrying him. He knows he’s got me,” the bride-to-be contended. “I was an *NSYNC girl. So, that truly shows that I wasn’t a [98 Degrees] groupie — because I was a total Justin Timberlake groupie!”

As for when Vanessa and Nick might head down the aisle, the couple hasn’t decided yet. However, Vanessa said, despite reports to the contrary, she doesn’t have her sights set solely on a winter wedding.

“What I had said about that was that I kept my options open. I never thought I wanted one and having seen this beautiful winter wedding in a Ritz-Carlton magazine, I said, ‘You know what? I should be more open-minded,’ and not just say I want one season and not the other,” Vanessa explained. “I honestly don’t know. I know that I’ve got the guy and we can do it anytime of the year.”

While she’s keeping her options open, a wedding date sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving seems unlikely.

“We’ve got our birthday in fall, so we don’t want to saturate the fall with too much,” Vanessa – who shares the same November 9 birthday with Nick – noted.