Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vanessa: Nick Ideal Wedding Is a "Tailgate Party"



Some brides-to-be love planning their big day, but Vanessa Minnillo's walk down the aisle has her flashing back to high school.

"I always feel irresponsible, like I'm unprepared for my test at school," the actress tells Rachael Ray on her show airing next Monday. "We have nothing yet, except for the wedding planner."

Still, Minnillo, 30, isn't about to turn over the reins to hubby-to-be Nick Lachey, 37, a notorious fan of Cincinnati sports teams.

"If I let Nick plan the wedding it'll be around some sporting event," she said. "We'll have a big old tailgate party with Miller Light! We'll have University of Cincinnati Bearcats running around!"

Wedding aesthetics aside, Minnillo tells Ray that she was "floored" when the Sing Off host finally got down on one-knee and proposed in November after four years of dating.

"Since we've been together for so long every time he asked me to do something romantic, I thought it might be the moment," she says. "So even if I didn't want to, he'd be like 'Baby let's go watch the sunset,' I'm like, 'okay.' Just in case it was. Nothing. 'Baby let's go take a hike.' Nothing. This went on for like a year! But I don't think you're ever prepared for the moment."

One moment, Minillo's really not ready for? Having kids.

"Let's do it one chapter at a time, why rush?" she says. "We have the rest of our lives. If you have children, once they're there, they're there. You can't say, 'I don't think I want to deal with you today.' No, they're there!"