Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vanessa : Nick Hoping for a 'Tailgate' Wedding


By Kelly Fisher Posted Mar 25th 2011 08:40AM
Though she's been engaged since November, Vanessa Minnillo hasn't done much wedding planning yet, according to

"I always feel irresponsible, like I'm unprepared for my test at school," she said, while chatting with Rachel Ray on her talk show, which airs next Monday. "We have nothing yet, except for the wedding planner."

If fiance Nick Lachey had any say in the matter, however, it would be a very non-traditional wedding -- as in plastic cups and foam fingers.

"If I let Nick plan the wedding it'll be around some sporting event," she said. "We'll have a big old tailgate party with Miller Light! We'll have University of Cincinnati Bearcats running around!"
For now, the couple is enjoying being engaged. After four years of dating, Minnillo secretly hoped a ring was just around the corner, but admitted she was still "floored" when Lachey popped the question.

"Since we've been together for so long, every time he asked me to do something romantic, I thought it might be the moment," she told Ray. "So even if I didn't want to, he'd be like, 'Baby, let's go watch the sunset,' I'm like, 'OK.' Just in case it was. Nothing. 'Baby, let's go take a hike.' Nothing. This went on for like a year! But I don't think you're ever prepared for the moment."