Monday, October 12, 2009

Pop Singer Helps Nashville Charity-Cindy Carter


One in eight Americans struggles with hunger.

Singer Nick Lachey is shining the light on a serious problem in Tennessee.

Inside the Second Harvest Food Bank in Nashville, Lachey isn't a celebrity-he's just another volunteer.

Lachey fills plastic bags with fruit cups, fruit juice and other healthy snacks that will eventually be placed in back packs distributed to hungry children.

Lachey says, "You realize, you know, especially in a bad economy like we are now and in a recession.. this issue is only becoming even more pronounced and in every community across the country, people are having trouble putting food on their table and providing for their families."

Lachey says the economy is also seriously affecting food banks like Second Harvest.

Lachey says, "The one constant theme is that.. more than ever.. they're running out of food."

Second Harvest is grateful for the celebrity spotlight on the problem.

Tasha Kennard with the Second Harvest Food Bank says, "We've seen an increase of 38% in requests for emergency food box assistance right here in Davidson County and, as you go into more rural communities, its up anywhere between 40 and 120%."

Lachey says he knows the problem isn't going away, but he's happy to work
with the rest of the volunteers on providing some sort of solution.

The food in the backpacks Lachey and the others were preparing will be distributed to numerous after school programs in Middle Tennessee.Pop Singer Helps Nashville Charity-Cindy Carter

Posted: Monday, October 12 2009, 07:50 PM CDT