Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nick Lachey's Kiss and Tell



Lachey Dawn Interview
Nick Lachey was in Philly Thursday -- shaking hands and kissing anchors.

And when asked whether or not he spoke to ex-wife Jessica Simpson after her dog died he said that he did not reach out to her, but he was sorry to hear the news. He also revealed that the ex's no longer speak -- something we're guessing Vanessa is probably not too sad about.

Oh, and it might not be too long before we catch the hottie on the small screen again, but definitely not another "Newlyweds."

"I think reality TV is here to stay and I would never say I would never do any type of reality TV," said Lachey, "But I can't see myself doing another one like the first one."

And like any true Phillies fan would, Dawn asked which baseball team he was rooting for in the playoffs.

"I'm rooting for the Phillies! At least while I'm in Philly I'm rooting for the Phillies."

Good answer, Nick.

Then, in a sweet move that would make any girl swoon, he gave Dawn a kiss and headed to the food bank.

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