Saturday, October 10, 2009

Met nick again today! **Fan Encounter**

So maybe some of you remember, i know Leslie probably does, when i asked how on earth i could get a picture with nick....well, i had found my answer today!

I found out about nick being at Philabundance two days ago, and I knew I HAD to be there, i wasnt going to let me be 24 minutes away from him and also, 3 years ago to this day, we met nick in Atlantic City for his WLOM tour. so my mom had made a few phone calls, and my brother and i said well help volunteer. So we got to Philabundance at around 11:15am and everyone was on their breaks, and we met the woman, who by the way, was the main reason why i got to meet him, and am sooooo thankful to her! So were standing with her and another woman for about i say 2-3 minutes when a woman says that nicks here. My knees buckled! A man said he'd take us out into the warehouse and show us what we'd be doing, which was scooping pasta into bags which had to be 2 pounds each(theres a reason i put the amount, youll see soon). so we were stationed where they were weighing the bags, which was at the end of the "line". Me and my brother were scooping pasta into these crates, when all of a sudden, i look over and about 250 ft away is nick. My heart was pounding out of my chest, my knees were shaking, and my hands were sweaty(also because of the gloves) We start filling bags and it took nick about 5 mins to make his way down to the station hed be working at for the next hour.....which was mine! So we were filling bags, and im still a mess.
Tommy was standing next to me on my left, my brother to my right and across from me a man who i knew his face, and his voice, but it didnt click. After about a minute, my lightbulb went off, it was tony! you know, nicks friend from Kentucky, Mason's daddy! Tommy and Tony both asked me and my brother where we were from, and were super nice! Tommy was wearing his eagles jersey since hes from philly, and tony had on a vintage shirt only to rep philly during his stay. About 5 minutes in, it became a competition between Tommy and Tony to see who could get close to 2 pounds before the other, which was hilarious to watch!
So Nicks collecting the pasta bags and was weighing them, and then Tony's phone rings, the person calling was asking for Tommy, so he took the phone and stepped back, which made me about 2-3 feet away from Nick. I had my bag of pasta and I went to hand him it, and with his gorgeous million dollar smile, takes it and says all sexily "thank you!" im buggin at that point, but i kept it cool. So towards the middle of the hour, i started getting used to it with getting 2.2 pounds, which Tommy then says "my jersey girl right here! getting the hang of it, girl your 2 for 2" which makes nick turn, look and smile at me. i melted! so then Tommy left once again to fill up his crate and nick pulled cards out of his pocket, which i didnt know what they were, but he goes "here ya go, two for you, two for you and two for you" he had handed us 2 cards for im gonna frame! since they came from his pocket and he hand gave me!)
So Tommy comes back and were all having a great time, and so Tony was angry he kept getting 1.8 pounds, so he made one bag which totaled 5.8 pounds, which everyone started cracking up at. So nick was interviewed by our local news and then we were continuing to work. A lady had asked Tommy where they were eating since nicks next stop was Virginia, and since Tommy is a local, he said cheesesteaks at Del Alessandros. i recommended chickies and petes and hes like girl! we always go there. Since the crates emptied fast, i was scooping together just enough for my bag when Tony scoops it without noticing and he goes "im sorry! i didnt see that was yours, i saw you working hard to pile it all up and i just took it all, im so sorry!" which i didnt care at all! So time came for us to be finished with scooping and the group photo, which i called my mom over to take a single picture with nick, which has been my goal since i met him october 8th, 2006! So my mom asked Tommy who snatches the camer and winks at me saying "girl, just go get close to nick and ill take the picture, go head!" and nick was devoted to tying up one last bag of pasta, which he did and then he had put his arm around me, which ive waited for! and tommys like "dang, you got the zoom all in!" so he took it,but there was no flash, so i said, no flash? and he goes, for this picture, you dont need one, its a great one! which it it. so walking for the group photo, it was me, my mom, josh and nick and we were taking the gloves off. anyone whos put on latex gloves knows that your hands sweat like crazy, so my mom had said it to me, which nick heard and was like "oh i know! my hands are soaked! which means you were working hard." so we all took the group picture and then everyone sort of broke off, and nick was with tommy near me, mom and my brother, so my mom had something to hand nick, and he asked if thats for him, so we were talking and he had said hed read what my brother had for him personally tonight and was sooo sweet and after the talk, he shook my hand, followed by tommy.
I'm starting to think that october 8th is my lucky day! it was amazing and more than i thought it would be seeing as though we were lucky enough to be placed at the same staion as him, which, i dont have bad luck, and nothing ever goes my way, but whenever its involving nick, its my lucky day!
i cant believe i had met him 3 years ago today and it was his concery, time flies! but it was worth the wait for sure!
i spent an hour with nick lachey.....and i didnt have to pay $10,600! i of course was the first bidder for the auction, but hey! it worked out to my advantage!

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