Saturday, October 10, 2009

MTV star Nick Lachey uses celebrity draw to help Second Harvest during UT-Georgia game


MTV star Nick Lachey drew hundreds of gawkers and rubberneckers when he turned up on the sidelines of the Vols game on Saturday. Prior to the game with the University of Georgia, Lachey was promoting Second Harvest outside the gates of Neyland Stadium as part of a tour he's doing to draw awareness to hunger in America. An hour before the game, Lachey was a hot commodity as he sold orange towels for $5, with proceeds going to Second Harvest. But the majority of passersby wanted a photo with him rather than a towel to aid a good cause. So, Lachey turned the opportunity around. For $5, he told fans, he would take a photo with them -- and they'd get the Second Harvest towel. As soon as Lachey got $5, he immediately handed the money to a Second Harvest volunteer.
"I'll lose it if I have it," he deadpanned to one volunteer about holding onto the money he was collecting. When the game began, Lachey was ushered to the sidelines, where he met the team and coaches. During the game, he stood shoulder to shoulder with the Vols team, getting out his cell phone to video footage of plays. "This qualifies as one of the better perks," Lachey said of getting to stand beside the team. "I am a big sports fan, and any time I get to do something like this it is a special treat."