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Nick East Coast Whirlwind (Pic w/ Justin)


October 9th, 2009 12:00 pm / Author: OK! Staff

Nick Lachey Oct. 9Nick Lachey is blogging about his trip around the U.S. on The Everybody Wins Tour, just for OK!. Stay tuned to his blogs for all Nick’s news from the road as he surprises winners from

Hey guys!

We’re making our way down the East coast and having a great time! We stopped in Boston and spent some time volunteering at The Greater Boston Food Bank where we met some amazing people who volunteer so much time helping to organize and package food for those in need. I was so impressed with all of them and really enjoyed working alongside them.

By the time we left Boston, we were a little behind schedule and had to grab some dinner to go. We ordered some pizza and started our trip down to New York. We got in at 3 a.m. and had to be up early for the Today Show and Access Hollywood then we loaded back in the bus to head down to Atlantic City.

The folks at the Borgata really hooked us up. We had an incredible suite and the most amazing dinner at Fornelleto. Tony was certainly in his element and he ordered some of the best wine I’ve ever had (that’s us at dinner in the pic above).

After dinner we made some donations to the casino and called it a night. We were up at 7 a.m. and back on the road again. We went to Good Day Philadelphia for a great segment about the “Everybody Wins Tour” and then to Philabundance, the local food bank.

Tommy and I bagging pasta at Philabundance.

Tommy and I bagging pasta at Philabundance.

We grabbed lunch to go and made our way to Round Hill Virginia where we delivered some products to Jennifer D’Agostino who had a house full of friends and family there to enthusiastically greet us. When we got into the house, Jennifer’s mom invited us downstairs to hang out and play a game of beer pong or two. Beer pong is one of my favorite games to play when I’m hanging out with my friends in L.A. so I couldn’t help but accept the challenge. I could tell that Jennifer was a ringer so I made sure that she was on my team. Fortunately for my pride Jennifer and I were victorious.

Jennifer must have read online that Skyline was my favorite food on earth because she made some Skyline Chili for me from scratch. I honestly couldn’t believe how good it was… just like the real thing! Fortunately she was kind enough to send us on our way with a container of Skyline and some other tasty treats.

Hanging out in Jennifer's kitchen -- she makes great Skyline!

Hanging out in Jennifer's kitchen -- she makes great Skyline!

On our drive down to Charlottesville we had a close call with some deer, but fortunately our driver, Jeff, is a pro and managed to avoid them. Not a mile down the road, it started to rain and we discovered that the drivers side windshield wiper wasn’t working. Once again, Jeff sprang into action, fixed the wiper and quickly had us back on our way.

Gotta go, guys, stay tuned for the next installment of my cross-country adventure!


Loading some products into the bus!

Loading some products into the bus!