Saturday, May 2, 2009

Joey Fatone is determined to learn 'My Old Kentucky Home'

Former N'Sync star Joey Fatone was slightly hoarse from singing at the Barnstable Brown party last night, but he said he is still determined to learn the words to "My Old Kentucky Home."
It is his ninth Derby, after all.
Country star Travis Tritt has tried to teach him the words before, he said.
"I'm usually drunk by that point, though," Fatone said with a laugh.
This year will be different.
Fatone wore a gray suit, purple shirt and black pork-pie hat.
He palled around with the Lachey brothers, also of boy band fame, later on the red carpet.
For the second year in the row, Nick and Drew Lachey made a beeline for the VIP tent, except for stopping to talk to Nancy O'Dell.
O'Dell had to take off her shoes to interview them, so she wouldn't appear taller.
-- Emily Hagedorn