Saturday, May 2, 2009

One Tree Hill: Nick Lachey is Overshadowed by a Birth Mother and Europe


Nick Lachey and Haley
It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for Nick Lachey to make his One Tree Hill appearance. So he finally arrives and we get...what? Three scenes?

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Peyton is on bed rest and it's sooo dull. Just how dull? She knows that the ceiling fan does 147 rotations a minute. Meanwhile, Lucas is too busy to entertain her -- he's in the garage, attempting to revive the Comet.

But even bedridden, Peyton has good news. The folks from the label called and an artist wants to buy one of Haley's songs. Turns out, said artist is Nick Lachey. What Nick wants, Nick gets. So when he doesn't get an answer, he travels to Tree Hill to get it. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get the answer he wants. Haley reluctantly tells him that she won't sell. But then, after she sees Nick singing it, he looks so darn sexy, she changes her mind. The one condition -- she wants to produce. We're hoping that we'll get more NL in future eppies.

Things seem to be going well for both Scotts -- professionally. Scouts have been calling about Nathan. Coach is impressed. And so is a European team. They offer Nathan a two-year contract with great money. It’s a really good opportunity, and could be the only offer he ever gets.

Europe? Can we get more specific? Europe covers a large area. Nathan doesn't bother asking exactly where he might be spending the next two years. But apparently details don't matter because Nathan ultimately decides he doesn't want Europe -- he wants the NBA. So he will wait.

rooke is disturbed that Victoria is palling around with Sam. It's horrible for her to see them bonding and even more disturbing to her, she sees them shopping -- something Victoria never did with her. Victoria comes off nice and motherly, but when she opens a letter addressed to Samantha Walker from a certain Rebecca Dennis -- Sam’s birth mother -- Victoria is back up to her old ways. She reads and shreds all evidence.

Just when Brooke thinks that she hates Victoria as much as she possibly can, she discovers the partially-shredded letter sitting in the shredder. Brooke confronts Victoria and the woman tries to say she did it for her -- she didn’t want her to lose Sam. Brooke not only gives Sam the letter, she takes her to the coffee shop to meet with the BM.

Jamie is hoping that Uncle Skills will ask Miss Lauren to the big dance at their school. Jamie has his eyes on a girl named Madison until his buddy Chuck jumps in and asks her to the dance before Jamie gets a chance. Man...those Tree Hill dudes start the girl stealing early! And speaking of early -- they really have evening dances in kindergarten? Jamie is discouraged but Skills offers to go too so they're on. At the dance Jamie broods but Skills steps up and asks Miss Lauren out. And by the end of the dance even Madison comes around. Turns out they did have an unspoken connection.

Mia totally freaks out when she discovers that Chase lost his virginity to Brooke. Their fight at the bar in front of Nick Lachey actually makes for one of the best scenes in the episode. Mia is upset that Chase didn't fess this tidbit of info up earlier and he figured that it was ancient history so didn’t think it mattered enough to discuss. What do you think? Should Chase have been more forthcoming or did Mia overreact?