Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jeff Timmons Cruise anyone??

So for those of you that tuned in tonight to the Caribbean Radio Show to here Jeff live it was a blast. Hearing Jeff interact with you guys!! :) How fun was that? Thanks Amy for pulling that all together & letting us be a part of it...
Many of us really was not sure what to say like me. Stumbling over my words. lol..Honestly I dont even remember what I said. Which is crazy. I know Jeff. I consider him a friend in some way.
But I called in & got the wrong number at first! That went well. lol...Then I got the right number and it didnt even ring. Bam I was on and talking to Jeff. For some reason they thought i was Trixi or Daisy from Boston...lmao. Jeff asks what cities I am close to & of course Im about 13 hours from Boston. Had I been there I would have been at Ddub aka Donnie Wahlbergs party last night...
So I said Jeff this is Vicious. (don't ask. If you know me in person you will understand) and a light went off in his head!
Somehow along the way Going on a Cruise with Jeff Timmons was brought up. How kool would that be if we could all meet up for a few days. Get some Sun, here some Jeff tunes & hangout with other Friends!!
The podcast will be available in just a few days & I seriously cannot wait to hear it myself. Because it all happened so fast its just a Blur...
as 4 the Cruise. Only time will tell. But this chick here <===== Is off to get in shape!!!! And recruiting my new found New Kis on the Block girls into Jeff fans while I'm at it!! Its gna be a Fabulous Summer!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Suzi,

Here is the link to the interview with CARIBVOICE RADIO. Org