It's May — you know what that means. It's getting warm, the flowers are blooming and the time-honored tradition of prom is back again. So get your corsages, turn up the cheesy music and fuel the limos, because this week we're catching up with your favorite stars and helping them relive their favorite prom memories.

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo seem to have had very different prom experiences back in high school. Minnillo, who grew up all over the country as an Army brat, had a full-on glamorous prom experience, while Lachey, who grew up in Cincinnati, had a more low-budget prom night.

"I always feel like prom was fun, but it was always a little bit of a let-down from all the anticipation and all the butterflies," Lachey told MTV News. "You get all dressed up and it's like, 'This is it?' I didn't spring for a limo. I took a rusted-out Toyota — that's how we did it in Cincinnati."

Meanwhile, Minnillo's aggravation came from having to hear her date complain about spending a lot of money to take her to the prom. "The guy wastes a lot of money," she recalled. "I had to hear about it. 'I spent money on the limo, money on dinner' ... I'm like, 'The whole point of prom is to have a good time.' "

Despite her date's complaining, she did call him out on being a bit stingy on the limo rental. "It was a six-person limo," she said. "And it had 12 of us in it!"