Monday, May 4, 2009

The rain held off so the stars could shine for Derby 135; Hollywood took over Louisville


By Chase Cain


Fortunately, the rain held off so the stars could shine. Kentucky Derby 135 had no shortage of A-list power. Gossip circled the track about Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton, and Michael Jordan.

Off to the track for horses, hob-knobbing… and Hollywood.

To find celebrities you have to search from Spire to Suite; and you really never know who’s right behind that next person in the crowd.

WHAS11’s Chase Cain found Kid Rock, “How’s your Derby experience?” “Always a good time,” was the answer. “First time?” we asked. “No, it’s about my 5th time.” “What keeps you coming back?” “Booze,” he laughed.

But it’s not just any booze with anybody; how about a toast from a star of the hit show Lost?

Terry O’Quinn of Lost said, “Tricia Barnstable Brown keeps me coming back, going to her party. I’m star-struck when I come here. There’s a lot of cool people here.”

Indeed! Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps signed a few autographs and wooed a few girls.

“He’s amazing! He’s hot!” they giggled.

NFL quarterback Tom Brady heated up the betting machine, shelling out quite a few Benji’s on some ponies; and yeah, he had more on lockdown with his entourage; one rivaling that of another pro QB, Eli manning.

“This is about my 4th or 5th time. It’s always a great event and everybody is in a good mood. I brought a few of my linemen and teammates with me this year so I’m having a great time.”

Especially if you like boy bands; Nick Lachey said, “A great event, close to home. I grew up in Cincinnati, so it’s always nice to come back to this part of the country and take it all in.”

And Joey Fatone added, “It’s really cool to come out here and have fun. And with the ladies in hats and dresses can you beat it.“

I’d imagine he’d enjoy the red carpet then, where Kim Kardashian and Company stole the show.