Monday, January 1, 2018

98 Degrees Reveals What Life Is Like On Tour In Their 40s



It's been 20 years since 98 Degrees released their first single, but Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Jeff Timmons and Justin Jeffre are at it again touring their new album "Let It Snow." And while they still bunk up on a tour bus together, they admitted their priorities and needs are much different now in their 40s.
The foursome sat down with me on Dec. 18 where they surprised New York City tourists with a private holiday performance as part of TripAdvisor Attractions. Here's what they had to say about life on the road and what's on their bucket lists for 2018.
Q: What are your travel essentials on the road?
Justin Jeffre: I sleep with earplugs just because sometimes the bus can be noisy.
Drew Lachey: Yeah, ever since my wife and I had our daughter (that was 12 years ago) there has always been a sound machine. So now, I have to have a sound machine while on tour. I put a car iPhone holder in my bunk attached to the wall so I can put my phone in there and have my sound machine.
Nick Lachey: I have a neck traction device I have to bring on the road because I have a herniated disk. This is what happens when old men go on tour. They have to bring Advil and traction devices.
Jeff Timmons: A lot of stuff I bring on the road is for signing. It’s tough because we go back and forth in different time zones and different temperatures. I think a lot of the stuff we bring is to try and help us preserve our vocals like Riccola, saline spray, and beer, Miller Lite.
DL: Before they had all of these weight limitations on luggage, I would bring a lot more. I would bring sheets for the bed, DVD cases, etc. Now you have to pay extra, and I am too cheap. I will rough it for the six weeks.
Q: What's on your to-do list after the tour for 2018?
JJ: I want to do a little more traveling. I haven’t really – other than when we tour of course. We are traveling, but we are working. So, you don’t have time to see stuff and do fun stuff.
 DL: I think for me, it’s just to make sure I am present for mu kids' big things: their dance competitions, gymnastics, and soccer games. That is my 2018 goal.
NL: To Drew’s point, my goals are mostly kid-driven, which is cool because you enjoy when they have successes. They check things off their bucket list.
JT: I just want to go on a family vacation. I haven’t been on vacation in years. My wife has been kind of on me about it, so hopefully, that will happen.
Q: you have any New Year’s resolutions? 
JT: I have the same resolution every year; it’s probably been the same for 20 years. It’s to be more patient. I am just an impatient person, and every year I am like, alright, this year I am going to scale back, relax a little bit more. But we are always on the go with our careers, so it’s a little bit hard to do. But that is going to be my resolution again this year.
JJ: For me, it’s to get more organized.
NL: How is that working out for you?
JJ: Well, it hasn’t started yet!
DL: He doesn’t want to start it now, then it doesn’t show as much improvement.
NL: Like Jeff, mine is the same every year: I try to eat better and drink less. I usually start out strong, and it usually fades throughout the year, and then I come back around next year and try the same thing.
DL: I have abandoned the gym over the last several years and with age. I realize that I probably need to reacquainted with the gym and so do my pectoral muscles. Wherever they went, I need to find them again.