Tuesday, January 2, 2018

98 Degrees has been celebrating Christmas for half the year -- and they're not sick of it yet

Elias Tahan

Christmas is fast approaching, but the guys of 98 Degrees have been in the holiday spirit for half the year. They recorded their second Christmas album, Let It Snow, in the summer and kicked off their holiday tour last month.
While most people might need a Christmas detox after all that, they guys say they’ve embraced the non-stop Christmas cheer.
“Our single, ‘Season of Love,’ is actually about taking the Christmas spirit year round, like the spirit of generosity and love,” Drew Lachey tells ABC Radio. “So, you know, we just got a jump-start. Yeah, we're living it. Every day.”
The group first became part of fans’ holiday traditions with their first Christmas album, This Christmas, back in 1999.
“To be able to be part of people's traditions and their memories going forth for the rest of their lives, that's a big honor,” Drew says. “...That was a big reason why we decided we were gonna do another Christmas album.”
And an added bonus of doing a second Christmas album? A chance to shoot a better cover. The guys all have their complaints about that original cover -- from Nick Lachey’s out-of-place smoldering look to the sickly tint to their skin.
“If you look at that picture, there are so many things wrong with that picture,” Nick laughs. “You know, the brooding look is one, the color of our skin is another, the wardrobe is a third. There's a lot of things that we could point out on that cover.”
98 Degrees will wrap up their holiday tour on December 23 and head home for the holidays.
“Just getting home to be with [family] for the holidays is a gift for us and hopefully for them as well,” Jeff Timmons says.