Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stars Earn Stripes Recap: Operation Detonation Reveals The Strong Shooters


Last week on NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes, Nick Lachey had a panic attack, that caused him to end up in the elimination shootout withTerry Crews, but luck was on his side! Did Nick survive another week? Let’s just say that when it was time for operation detonation, the strong shooters definitely emerged!
Stars Earn Stripes was back tonight for excitement, err, more of the same ole same ole. Is anyone else getting bored with this show already? I don’t know, the show is just starting to seem a bit redundant to me – same celebs in the top, same celebs in the bottom type of show. Anyway, this week’s mission was rapid detonation, in which the celebs and their operatives’ objective was to take out targets, utilize a military vehicle, and of course, blow things up!
One thing that we did not see this week were any panic attacks, thankfully. But, what we did see were the good, the bad, and the ugly shooters. Eve Torres proved, once again, that we should never underestimate a woman – that girl can shoot way better than some of the guys can. Eve was paired up with Dean Cain this week, and these two blew the other teams out of the water with their quickness and perfect shooting.
And then there was Todd Palin. Yes, like many, I was unsure of him prior to the premiere, but I have to admit that I am enjoying watching him. Todd has already proved that he is one heck of a shooter, but personally, I am sick of seeing him paired up and dragged down by one of the other contestants. This week it was Picabo, who wasn’t too bad, but I would love to see Todd shoot on his own against the other competitors, wouldn’t you? I think, perhaps, if that was the case, Todd may end up in the top instead of the middle constantly.
Meanwhile, viewers were waiting to see if Nick Lachey would have another panic attack, and while he didn’t, it seemed his anxiousness got the best of him as he was trying to shoot, causing his team precious time. And sadly for Nick’s team, Laila Ali, who admitted to being one of the worst shooters there, was no help as her shooting was downright awful tonight!

So, yes, you guessed it! Nick Lachey would have to endure another elimination shootout this week, with Laila Ali, but would he suffer the same fate as Terry Crews? While it seemed that he was about to, as he struggled to get the sniper shots in this week (after mastering it last week), Laila was just not able to get the sniper shots either, and Nick finished ahead of her. That meant that Laila Ali was the celeb sent packing this week, and quite frankly, she bored me to tears so I won’t miss watching her one bit.
Next week is the two hour season finale, so be sure to tune in at 8 pm EST to see who walks away with the $100k prize for their charity! Did you tune in to Stars Earn Stripes tonight? Who would you like to see win? Comment and share your thoughts with us below!
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Photo Courtesy of NBC