Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thank you and goodnight…


Jeff Timmons Chippendales

Starting a new job is never easy. Its hard on the new employee as well as the current staff. Is the new guy going to fit in? Is he going to create tension? Is he gonna do my job better than me? These are the things that most people will think of the day the new guy is starting. In show business this is even worse. There are a lot of egos to deal with, and when the “new guy” is a celebrity there can be even more trepidation. Needless to say when it was announced that Jeff Timmonswas joining the cast our guys were a little bit wary. The stereotype for celebrities is that they are Divas, male or female. The guys were concerned that he would be stealing the spot light and that everyone would have to cater to his every desire. The Chippendales are like a family; the guys are all pretty tight. They hang out beyond the theatre and spend a lot of their time together so it is very important that the new guy fits that mold as well. If there is no chemistry off the stage there will not be any on the stage. Lucky for us Jeff Timmons fit like a glove. From the moment he came to the theatre we knew he was going to fit in just fine. Not only was he very nice, he was humble, excited, and genuinely one of the guys from the start. Aside from his obvious talent as a performer Jeff was down to have a good time. He did many interviews and promo appearances but what really set him apart was his sense of humor and total willingness to try anything. From the TMZ spoof, to virals with the guys, Jeff was not afraid to make fun of anything, including himself. In the TMZ video there is one part where he is dressed like a girl, just so you all know not only did we not ask him to do this we didn’t know it was happening. While filming this Jeff said I’ll be back disappeared for a few minutes and came back all drag queened out. I don’t think a group of people has ever laughed so hard, and it was totally unexpected. It was these types of things that made Jeff such a pleasure to work with. (The screaming fans didn’t hurt either). He will forever be an honorary Chippendales performer and is always welcome on our stage. Thanks for a great run Jeff!