Sunday, September 25, 2011

Exclusive: Former 98 Degrees Star Jeff Timmons' Las Vegas Wedding


Jeff Timmons definitely knows how to throw a wedding! The former 98 Degrees singer just married his wife, Amanda, in a wild and eccentric ceremony at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Jeff says, “We wanted to have a fun, over-the top wedding where people could be themselves.” They exchanged vows in front of an Elvis-impersonating minister, all their friends and family and even Penn and Teller. After the ceremony, they jumped into a pink Cadillac and Elvis drove them off into the sunset. Besides Jeff’s new single which is coming out soon, Amanda is seven months pregnant with a baby girl! Amanda says, “She’ll be our little diva!" The couple has no intentions of losing their sense of humor, saying, “We like to have a good time


kim23 said...

Congrats to Jeff and Amanda! I'm happy for them! a pink Cadillac and an Elvis impersonator? what a memorable and stunning wedding! Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is one of my favorite Las Vegas wedding chapels! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!!!:)

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