Wednesday, October 29, 2008

meet the timmons


So yeah Michelle, my ♥plutteh♥, and I saw Jeff Timmons (the cute guy from 98 degrees who is NOT Nick Lachey NOR Drew Lachey. You know the one, the one who isn't bald.) at some Traxx FM dinner-with-the-fans last Friday.

How did we manage to go? Sigh I don't want to tell you since I already got a lot of flak for listening to Traxx FM, which I do not understand at all, what the heck am I supposed to do when, Mix FM, AND Fly FM ARE ALL PLAYING RIHANNA?!?!

The venue was actually the radio station headquarters itself, which was actually at this bitch of a place called Angkasapuri. YES near the train station. Which you would think is very easy to get to right, being near a train station and all?? NOOOO! It was terrible. Lucky I had managed to talk my mother into dropping us off there or we would never have found it. Heck, we would never have gone since on the way we hit this massive traffic jam and were about 40 minutes late when I really did say I didn't want to go anymore and meant it. But she told me it was okay and we were almost there. Getting there was only part of the trauma since the parking lot and dropping off area was like outside the main gate, instigating a something like 300m hike (hilly area) to the building itself.

So ok fine, you know, this is Jeff Timmons after all.. international superstar... where shall we have him eat with the fans and perform a few songs....


(prepare yourself for the only picture in this post)

HAHAHA LOOK AT MICHELLEBIGHEAD'S FACE. No I mean look at the area. Yeah... look at the area.. Looka that cheap setup. So disrespectful tsk tsk tsk.

You see that fine-looking chair Michelle's finger is sorta-but-not-quite-pointing-at? It is one of those plain plastic chairs, my high school had them, random badminton courts have them, school halls like to use them. The kind with two large holes in the back, lovingly placed for whatever belongings you may place behind you while you sit down to drop out of. The tables were rickety wooden ones, it was hilarious.

As you can see we were sitting right to the stage. So close we could have stuck a hand out and pulled down his pants oh yes we could've! Do not doubt the mighty!

Jeff Timmons only sang something like 3-4 songs, so most of the time we talked to each other a lot, being very disrespectful. Making fun of this stuckup poser girl (who was very obviously not Chinese) in Chinese, making fun of fangirl, saying things like "HEY HELLO!!!!! NICK LACHEY!!!!!", "WHAT IS IT LIKE LIVING WITH JESSICA??" --to each other but not Jeff, because we are cowards etc.

[Jeff is going around our table shaking hands with everyone]
Jeff: hey were you here the last time I was in Malaysia? you look familiar.
Poser Girl: oh no I wasn't
Jeff: oh guess not.. I wish
Poser Girl: eheheheh

mIcheLLe: ni de peng you lian hong ah (your friend-referring to Poser Girl-is blushing)
me: oh shi lor ta de lian hen hong liao eheheh (oh yeah she's really red now eheheh)

We also ate cheap Malay food and took lots of pictures after the show, randomly shoving my camera into each other's faces and snapping. Which I am too lazy to post.

Plut how could I have even considered going with someone else ♥ no one jokes with me like you do.

mIcheLLe also got some action with the man himself. !xobile! oo la la!


Anonymous said...

Jeff Timmons has bigger muscular arms than Nick Lachey and better defined muscle body!