Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jeff Timmons is my boyfriend.


The cute guy standing between Nick Lachey and the guy in the hat (don' know his name)s is Jeff Timmons.

THIS is Jeff Timmons.

He's in Malaysia for a promo tour and Plutty invited me to go to TraxxFM (which has a website that seriously needs to be updated) for dinner with him, which was at Angkasapuri (one of the strangest places in the world to have dinner, which was served with styrofoam bowls and plastic plates wtf). But the chicken was fooking good, and so was the rendang. Can't say the same about the soggy veges though, but I generally hate vegetables so I didn't take any.

This is Jeff Timmons and yours truly and The Plut.

Plutty are you glad we didn't cancel because of the stupid traffic jam *shiny eyes* We're wearing matching colours hurhurhurhur.

So cute ah (donch care if he's short because I am short)!!!!

Acting all fan-girly because I wanted an autograph.

The autograph I'm holding says 'Skyler' but really I have one that says 'Michelle' HU HU HU HU HU.

I was publicly humiliated by this girl (whom we now refer to as the 'Wait For Jeff' girl), who dragged me to dance with Jeff Timmons when I didn't want to (I am a shy person ok and I dance like shit), shouted in my ear, 'Wait for Jeff! Wait for Jeff'!', and proceeded to hold me there in a vicelike grip while she poked Jeff Timmons in the back (who was standing on a chair singing to the crowd below him) and made him come down from his chair to 'dance' with me.

There is a horrible video of me dancing but I shall not show you. Even
I have not (and do not want to) watched it.

'Wait for Jeff' girl, hate you.