Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jeff Timmons Unforgettable Day_Lucky Day

Hey guys...
Guess wat???
This evening about 7:00pm JEFF TIMMONS from 98Degrees

came to Melaka Mahkota Parade for the world tour activity...
When I was on my working time..
at the same time I heard tat a huge sound from the MP stage which normally an artist used to performe up there..
Then i was feel like ''ok la..go n c who is coming!! so I told my 'Seniour' tat i went for a look..
So she said ok la...go la..
""Luckily my 'TWO' elder sister not in.. ""
After inform her I quickly ran to the stage..
When I looked at him..
The 1st reaction that I had is "It seems to be very familier huh''??
cuz at the same time He sang a fast song that I dunno!! =p
After finished singing then the DJ annouced his name and from 98 Degrees!!
At that time I was like
"...Ohhh my GOshhhh...lucky m here ler.."
If nt i'll miss it out!!!
Then he sang all the songs likes:
(I do-cheris you,Give me just one night and Because of You)
When He was singing the song I DO..i try to memorize all the lyrics n follow He sing...bt finally i manage to followed He sang until the end of the show!! =)

Yeah..thank GOD I can meet him..
It's really such a good opportunity that I met Him...