Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jeff Timmons at MPH Bookstore

Did you guys ever heard to some of these tunes ?

"Invisible Man"
"My Everything"
"Because of You"
"I Do (Cherish You)"
"The Hardest Thing"
"Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)"

Yes. Those are the ballads which made some of the teenage girls had fallen for. And so did I ;D
I used to collect all the lyrics, watched the videos and adored 'em, really but I never expected to meet with one of the members !!


I was a hugeee fan of 98 Degrees.

*In case you never heard of 'em, just google it on the internet okay*

And their songs are still on my winamp. Hoho.


I went out with my sister, Eija and my mom to Mahkota Parade today.
I noticed a singer sang a song. I thought he was just a local singer or something. He sang a song which so familiar to me. Then I blew it out.
We headed off to MPH Bookstore a second then. Once again, I noticed that singer sang another song from the same boy band's numbers.

So I was like, "Man, does he have his OWN song?? Why did he choose 98 Degrees's?? Get a life lah, dude."

*Ofkos gue ckp dlm hati lah kan*

Once the stuff got paid, I was eagerly to know who the singer was. Sangat menciplak lagu2 luar. So my feet took a few steps ahead.

And surprisingly, for my unexpectation, I saw Jeff Timmons.

One of the members of 98 Degrees.

Apsal aku macam tuh ?? Adoiyaii.

But do I look like I care ?? Naaaaaah. He said I'm cute. ;]]] That is what I actually care. Hahah !

.Oh Heaven.