Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nick Lachey Visits Cincinnati To Cheer On Reds

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Local heartthrob Nick Lachey has not forgotten where he came from.The pop singer and reality TV star flies home to Cincinnati every year for the Reds' opening day and to see his friends and family."They're all still here," he said. "My pride and traditions, my loyalties are here, so it's always special to come home to Cincinnati, especially on a weekend like this."

However, this year is special for Lachey. He was in the Findlay Market Opening Day parade Monday morning, and Sunday night, hand delivered $250,000 that he rasied for Cincinnati Children's Hospital on the hit show Clash Of The Choirs. After cheering on his favorite baseball team, it's back to work for Lachey."I just finished up my album," he said. "The first single's going to come out this summer, and we're producing a show with MTV at (The School for Creative and Performing Arts) right now."