Wednesday, March 19, 2008

NIck Lachey & Vanessa Celebrate St. Pattys day

This is from a blog of a person that celebrated St. Patty's Day with them. Kudos to albertroh on the Nickfantic forum for finding this!!

So as you all know last night was St. Patty's Day and I did the typical thing and hung out with friends from work. Well, through happenstance a friend of a friend of a friend is friends with Nick Lachey and sure enough he showed up to hang out with us. It was a strange mix of normals like us and Nick Lachey, along with his girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo. Overall, it was quite the event.

He's a cool guy (i think, we really didn't chat that much), he has a big nose, and he's short, which makes him cool with me considering im a cool guy with a big nose and short stature. He's a bit more in shape than me, but I think we would make good work out partners maybe if we did something easy like yoga.

The funny thing is that at one point in my life I was completely obsessed with "What's Left of Me" by Mr. Lachey. A completely ridiculous song whose dance remix is awesome to work out with. I actually almost downloaded it as my ringtone. Could you imagine that? If my phone went off right next to Nick Lachey with his cheesey dance song as my ringtone? How awkward! It's like when I started working at Jake G's management company and had to quickly run home and change my Myspace layout so that nobody could find out that I am obsessed. Some sort of 20-something pervert who puts up pictures of his coworker's clients and remembers their addresses. OK I don't remember his address, but still, I play back in my head every moment of the 15 minutes we spent together in his manager's office.

This of course is all spilling forth as I sit in my HGTV cubicle-esque office and try to figure out what Hungarian people are saying as they search for a house in Budapest. Ah, life in the fast lane.

Really, that's all that I have to say.

Luck O' The Chris

P.S.Oh, but it looks like we made Perez: