Monday, March 24, 2008

'Dancing with the Stars' Burke and Lachey deny, deny, deny


"Dancing with the Stars" partners and season champions Cheryl Burke and Drew Lachey are denying any sexual affair and set the record straight regarding reports they did the business. “It’s horrible when people write about you that isn’t true,” Burke comments to Extra.

Reports claim that Burke’s then boyfriend, Matthew Lawrence, caught her in the act with the married Lachey during the "Dancing with the Stars" tour.

Lachey blasts back, “I think there should be a new rule, if you are going to call somebody out in a magazine. You should have to put your name on it.”

Although the duo denies having an affair, Burke has learned to deal with these accusations.

She declares, “Dancing is a close sport and it's a sensual thing. Rumors, rumors, rumors. People love that. The tabloids love that. What can you do? You know, you just kind of have to keep living your life.”