Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vanessa & Nick Lachey Talk Parenthood


June 2014 COVER

With two busy careers, fame, and a super-active toddler…how do Vanessa and Nick Lacheyhold it all together?
In the June 2014 issue of Parents magazine, the down-to-earth, likeable (and not to mention gorgeous) family tells all about the parenting discoveries they’ve made while raising son Camden, and the trick to getting some ‘alone time’ at the end of the day. See a few highlights from the feature below, and then head to to check out their exclusive video starring the cute couple in our “The New Parents Game.”
On Vanessa as a mother: “My wife’s maternal side is a new dynamic to her personality – and it’s definitely made her even sexier.” (N)
On Nick as a father: “I knew the man I was going to marry was not only a great man, a good friend, and a family guy, but he was going to respect and treat me well and be an amazing father and role model to our children. That’s Nick.” (V)
On Camden’s nap schedule: “Whether we’re in New York or Cincinnati or on vacation, as long as he gets his story, sounds machine, and song, he’s good.” (V)
On looking forward to 7:30pm every night, when Camden goes to bed: “We put on some music or a favorite TV show, pour a glass of wine, have dinner – that’s our ‘alone time’. That’s why it was so important to us to establish Camden’s sleep schedule right out of the gate. I had six different moms telling me ‘Get him on a routine; you will thank yourself later.” (V)
On advice from her friends not to let baby sneak into bed: “When you’ve got the little one between you, it’s not as romantic as when the two of you are alone.” (V)
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