Saturday, July 13, 2013

What Song Does Nick Lachey Sing To Get His Son, Camden, To Sleep?

By Valerie Nome


After Nick Lachey hits the stage tonight with 98 Degrees in San Jose, Calif., as part of The Package Tour, he’ll have no worries about getting his ten-month-old son Camden to go down for the night.

“Singing to him calms their nerves,” he tells me in NYC during a Toys R Us event promoting his album A Father’s Lullaby. “We use a combination of—we call it the three S’s. Swaddle, story and then singing. Just setting the mood for winding down, chilling out. I think they take their cue from you, so he hears a song, and he knows it’s time to start getting into sleep mode.”

What’s his favorite bedtime ballad?
“I like to think it’s a song called Sleepy Eyes that I used to hum to him before he was born, and when he was born,” he says. “I actually wrote lyrics to it, and that’s ‘our’ song. When I put him down at night, that’s the song I sing to him. At least in my mind, that’s his favorite.”
Since Nick is the singer, that means a little less work for wife Vanessa!

Pick up the OK! on newsstands now for Nick’s OK! Interview.  The cover line is: “The Truth About Baby North: Kim’s Sisters Tell All.”  Also catch Nick on The Package Tour with New Kids On The Block and Boyz II Men through Aug. 4, and hosting The Winner Is, which airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.