Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nick Lachey speaks out on Pat Summitt

Copy of nick lachey POSTER.jpgNick Lachey -- boy band member and reality TV star -- finds Pat Summitt an inspiration.

"She really redefined women's basketball, for me at least," Lachey said during a Hollywood party Wednesday. "She made it really relevant and brought it to the forefront. There's a reason why the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame is in Knoxville, and it's because of Pat Summitt and what she has meant to that game."
Lachey, a member of the recently reunited 98 Degrees, is a fan if the SEC and has kept up with Summitt's career over the years.
"It's a shame that (her career) has come to an abrupt end," he said. "Sports, in general, has come to respect her for what she has done for her sport."
He says Summitt has always been an inspiration on the court. But, now, with herdiagnosis of early Alzheimer's disease, the former Lady Vols coach is even more of one. "The bravery and courage she has shown is an inspiration," Lachey said. "I have an enormous amount of respect for Coach Summitt and what she has done."