Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees opens a show in Las Vegas


Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees opened up a new show at Ovation inside Green Valley Ranch

Las Vegas is full of hidden gems that aren’t on the Las Vegas Strip. One such gem is the Ovation Showroom at Green Valley Ranch. I have heard nothing but good things about this showroom. So I was excited at the chance to check it out myself for the grand opening of a new show called Wired!
Wired is a new show by 98 degrees front man Jeff Timmons. Though that was all I really knew about the show. Ovation was packed. I tried to find an area to shoot photos from without standing in anyone’s way. I was to find out shortly this wasn’t going to be a problem.
The lights dimmed and the spotlights highlighted a person on stage. This wasn’t Jeff! This was DJ Freddy B. Dj Freddy B was on the stage to get this party started! He started to play some high energy music that got the crowd loose and relaxed and in the party mood. As DJ Freddy B started to fade into the background as most DJs do Jeff Timmons started the show.
Jeff actually started his show from the audience, which was great. This was a big surprise for all the excited fans. Jeffwas accompanied on the floor by the extremely talented Tymara Walker to start off the show. As Jeff and Tymara sang and made their way to stage people got up and followed them. Now the dance floor was packed and plenty of seating was available.
An incredible band called “Circuit” backs up Jeff and Tymara’s as they sing. Circuit consists of Jason Styles, Jason Bolden, Ryan Graham and Musical Director Ken Logan. Apparently all the members of the band have played for well-known artists both on tour and in the studio.
After a few duets, Jeff Timmons stepped back and let Tymara Walker do her thing. Tymara let her powerful voice engulf and entrance the crowd. The crowd was cheering enthusiastically, as Tymara showed the crowd her passion for singing.
The spotlight found Jeff as he started to sing a 98 Degrees song. The dance floor was filled with screaming women. AsJeff unzipped his shirt and exposed his bare chest the woman screamed even more. Sitting in the back I watched at least 50 cell phones follow every movement that Jeff made.
Jeff Timmons really connects with his audience. He reaches into the crowd touching hands and caressing faces, and even poses for photos while singing. This isn’t something you see very often. It just goes to show he never forgot his fans.
His fans never forgot him. I saw a girl trying to lift her friend into the air so that Jeff would notice her. Jeff got down on his knees and sang to the elevated girl maintaining eye contact with her the whole time, the crowd swooned at the gesture and I even heard a few jealous remarks.
Jeff stepped off stage and a lyrical group graced the stage. The group is called the Indovizualz and they are part of the West Coast Wu-Tang Killa Beez. The trio consists of Poison Ivy, Mac and Legend and they hyped the crowd up some more. As the Indoovizualz finished up their set, DJ Freddy B took over the crowd with his turntables.
Intermission consisted of naughty dancing and reapplication of makeup. Next to the bar this gentleman was showing off his mad dance skills. A group of people gathered around to watch. This was just one of many dance circles that formed.
Freddy B was killing it. The crowd was ecstatic, as he played nothing but the crowds favorites. Suddenly the stage went dark. Smoke filtered in on the stage. The spotlight found Jeffsitting hunched over in a jogging suit. The dramatic start of the second set sent the fans into a frenzy. This propelled the show in the wee hours of the morning.
So much action going on I couldn’t narrow down what I liked the best. Jeff Timmons being stalked by dozens of cell phones or Ryan Graham rocking on the guitar to Jason Bolden shuffling with Tymara Walker on stage. The show was full of surprises. Even Dj Freddy B got off the turntables to show off his singing ability. This was just the first of the three sets they played.
Jeff Timmons’ show Wired is the new must-see Las Vegas Show! Ovation in Green Valley Ranch is well lit with an incredible sound system and comfortable seating. The staff was friendly and quick to serve you and the truly phenomenal part to Wired is that it is FREE! I don’t know for how long but highly suggest you go to Green Valley Ranch and check it out. This is what you need to know.


tawsr said...

i love this post, very detailed. but i want to know which 98 degrees songs did jeff sang?