Thursday, August 28, 2008

Olympic Talk Exclusive: Stars Tune In on Beijing *NICK*

HOLLYWOOD - Yelling at the TV, wincing at a wobbly dismount, getting vaklempt as the Olympiad lifts their neck to reveal a shiny new medal...Yup, they're "just like us"--stars are glued to the Olympics too!

In the name of helping you get to know them more, asked your fave' Summer-Olympics-watchin'-celebs, what gets their blood pumping?

Olympics fan, Nick? What are you looking forward to seeing this Olympics?

Nick Lachey:
I love the Summer Olympics. I’d love to see the basketball team fight for the Gold and finally win the Gold again. Baseball. I love track and field. I think some of the more inspirational moments in sports you see during the Olympics. Obviously I’ll be watching Michael Phelps and see how he does, and his quest to break that record [swimming]. There’s a lot of great stories and a lot of great drama to expect there in the games this year.

HW: What Olympic event would you excel in, real or not?

[Laughs] I would win the gold medal in Olympic television watching, should that become an eligible event!

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