Friday, August 8, 2008

"The Search for the World's Hottest Girl," *Jeff*


Jeff will host a new show!

He's hoping for a hot time.
Jeff Kalligheri explains his new TV project this way: "It's all of my boyhood dreams wrapped into one show." Hmm. Tantalizingly titled "The Search for the World's Hottest Girl," the show is "a cross between 'Wild on E!' and 'America's Next Top Model,' " says Kalligheri, the Boston native whose Dolce Vita Productions has had a hand in bringing several movies to the Hub. Believe it or not, taping of the new show starts Saturday at Plymouth Memorial Hall, where the show's celebrity host, Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees, will perform with old friends the Funky Bunch. Why Plymouth? "We'll be going to Vegas, LA, Singapore, Malaysia, and Europe," Kalligheri said. "But this is kind of a test run, and the country started in Plymouth, so why not?" Neither Kalligheri nor Timmons is married, and that's probably for the best. "If we were," Timmons told us yesterday, "we wouldn't be by the end." The pair say they're working with a major network and a men's magazine, and with any luck they'll have something in the can by next summer. "This is basically a worldwide casting call for every hot girl," said Kalligheri.