Thursday, December 25, 2014

Nick Lachey: Why I’ll Have a ‘Different Kind of Love’ for My Daughter


Nick Lachey is tossing aside the balls and making room for the dolls!
As the singer-songwriter prepares towelcome a new baby girl with wife, actressVanessa Lachey, 34, he is making sure to squeeze in as much boy-on-boy time as possible with the couple’s 2-year-old son,Camden John.
“I love to wrestle with my son — that’s our thing,” Lachey tells PEOPLE. “We wrestle and tickle and just roughhouse.”
While Lachey, 41, isn’t exactly sure of what to expect once his daughter makes her big debut — Vanessa is due right after the holidays — there is one thing he is having a hard time wrapping his head around.
“I can’t imagine loving a child more than I love my son, so I guess it’s just gonna be a different kind of love,” says The Sing-Off host.
 “I think that there’s something special about that bond between father and daughter, which I’m excited to experience first-hand.”
Luckily, for the Lacheys, Vanessa’s pregnancy has been very smooth — and an experience that she truly enjoys.
“We both look forward to meeting our daughter,” says Lachey, as he and Vanessa anticipate the arrival of their new bundle of love. “[It’s] just at that point now where you’re ready to meet this little life you’ve watched grow for the last eight months.”
And Camden’s thoughts about being a big brother?
“I don’t know if he completely grasps the concept of a little sister, but he’ll kiss her belly and say goodnight to [his] little sister,” says Lachey.
The family plans to celebrate this holiday season comfortably at home, but an expected gift could make their season even merrier.
“We’re expecting a little girl pretty much at any time now,” says Lachey. “We’re celebrating, but we’re celebrating with one eye on the contraction clock, if you will.”
He adds, “We’re ready to hit the hospital if we have to, but it adds a special dynamic to this holiday season knowing we’re getting the best gift of all in a daughter, at some point.”