Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Nick Lachey Gives Son Camden a Sweet Kiss

Nick Lachey, Camden

Nick Lachey loves being a daddy, and it shows!
On Sunday, the 41-year-old Sing-Off host Instagrammed a picture of himself giving 2-year-old son Camden a sweet kiss. Dad pointed that he knows "one little man excited [The Sing-Off] is back this Wednesday"—and that's not all Cam's got to look forward to: Any day now, he's going to be a big brother!
Vanessa Lachey is pregnant with baby No. 2—a girl!—and as Nick told E! News last month, "it's anybody's guess" when little lady Lachey will arrive. "We're probably looking at the end of the year, beginning of next year—somewhere in that time frame," he said.
And is Camden excited to have a baby sister?
"I think so," said Nick. "We've definitely gone over the fact that, 'Hey, baby sister is in mommy's belly,' and he'll kiss the belly, so I think he understands what baby sister means and that that's happening, but I think the truth test is when she arrives and all the attention's not just on him! We'll see how he reacts at that point!"
Fortunately, Vanessa, 34, has "knock on wood, had a great pregnancy," said Nick. "She's been a trouper."
The Lacheys are about to have their hands full with two kids under 2 (!), but pics like this one make it clear Nick and Vanessa are loving the chaos!